Growth hormone + steroids by weight

Growth hormone has long been popular with athletes. It is most effective solo when working on terrain. Learn how to use growth hormone and steroids wisely to gain weight.

For a long time, drugs based on exogenous growth hormone ( were considered elite. This is primarily due to their high cost due to a complex technological process. However, today the situation has changed. Although growth hormone is still more expensive than steroids, it has become significantly more readily available to bodybuilders. Today we will focus on the competent use of this drug for gaining mass.

The main properties of growth hormone

The effectiveness of this type of sports farm is eloquently evidenced by the fact that professionals spent a lot of money on its acquisition. Agree, if growth hormone did not bring good results , then it simply would not be so popular among athletes.

Growth hormone has many positive effects on the body. However, in the in the first place interested in only those who can be the most in demand in the sport. Among them, special attention should be paid to three:

  • Hyperplasia of muscle fibers.
  • Powerful fat burning effect on the body.
  • Extremely rare side effects.

Each of these properties of growth hormone is worth discussing in more detail. Surely every bodybuilder has heard of muscle cell hypertrophy. Essentially, this process is what we call muscle growth. But a significantly smaller number of amateur athletes knows about hyperplasia. Meanwhile, this process is extremely important .

In simple terms, hyperplasia is an increase in the number of cells in muscle tissue. At the same time, new fibers are also susceptible to hyperplasia. Experts in the field of sports medicine are sure that it is thanks to this that such a phenomenon as muscle memory is observed in professional athletes. Simply put, even after stopping active training, they do not lose a huge amount of mass and, as a result, do not turn into ordinary people.

With the fat-burning properties of growth hormone, everything is very clear. It has long been known that this drug is capable of dramatically accelerating lipolysis reactions . An equally important property of this type of farming is a high level of security. In the course of GH, suppression of the work of the HH axis, as well as progestogenic , androgenic and estrogenic side effects, is not observed . Of course, growth hormone can also be dangerous to health, but only if used in huge doses. Given all these facts, one can easily explain the decision of the IOC, which banned the use of these drugs by athletes.

Overview of Growth Hormone

In the body, somatotropin is synthesized by the anterior pituitary gland. The substance got its name for a reason – it stimulates the growth of bone tissue at a young age. Growth hormone has strong anabolic properties and is also a strong anti-catabolic .

Each athlete should understand that the lipolysis process is possible if two conditions are met simultaneously:

It should be recognized that carbohydrate metabolism is of great importance in this matter . With the use of GH, the concentration of glucose in the blood increases significantly. From this point of view, growth hormone is an antagonist of another hormone – insulin. As a result, the load on the pancreas may increase. To better understand the reason for this, it is worth paying attention to two facts:

  • A low level of glucose is observed in the blood – the rate of secretion of growth hormone increases.
  • The concentration of sugar in the blood is high – insulin is synthesized more actively.

It is quite obvious that in the normal state, this can be ignored. However, during the course, the dosage of GH significantly exceeds the normal level of the endogenous substance. Moreover, this is observed over a long time period. In such a situation, the body tries to remain in a state of balance and forces the pancreas to work actively.

At a certain point, the organ will fail, which will lead to the development of diabetes mellitus. From all that has been said above, one important conclusion can be drawn – it is necessary to help the body remain in a state of homeostasis so as not to prematurely exhaust its internal reserves. It is quite obvious that for this it is necessary to give insulin injections. Note that this recommendation applies to those athletes who use 10 units of GH and more daily for more than three months.

Insulin is necessary for another reason – without this hormone, growth hormone does not manifest all its anabolic properties. It is also worth saying a few words about protein metabolism. In this regard, GR and insulin work together.