Best Yogurt Maker: How to Use It

A yogurt maker is one of the easiest kitchen appliance to use. And because the technology doesn’t vary that much, they pretty much work the same way. Unless stated by the maker, here are the simple steps on getting yummy homemade yogurt with your best yogurt maker:

  1. You will need yogurt starter packs and most of the time, when you buy the best yogurt maker of your choice, it will usually come together. If so it happens that the starter pack does not come with the price, you can always buy it separately; usually in the same place where you bought the yogurt maker.
  2. Before putting the milk inside the yogurt maker, you will need to heat it on the stove/ in the microwave. You can choose any milk of your liking, from cow’s milk to goats, from full cream to non-fat.
  3. Cool the milk until room temperature or as instructed by the manufacturer. In the mean time, start warming up the yogurt maker.
  4. Mix the content of the starter pack with the milk. Put the mixture in the yogurt maker and program the machine to start the process.
  5. Follow the instructions when it comes to the cooking time. It can vary between 4 to 8 hours but some machine may take a longer time. The longer the incubation time, the thicker, creamier and tangier the yogurt will be.
  6. Store the yogurt inside the refrigerator and keep it chill for a few hours before consuming it. You can add flavorings and fruits to your liking.

Easy enough isn’t it?