Best Yogurt Maker Recipes: Tips on How To Select Yogurt

There are so many varieties of yogurts out there. Here are tips on how you should select yogurt that can be fully benefited by you:

  • Whole Milk? Low-fat? Non-fat?
    Different kind of milk used to make yogurt will affect its taste and texture. So if your best friend may like one brand, you may like the other. But sometimes, even when you stick to one brand, the taste may vary a little because they may change the ingredients once in a while.
  • Sweet Tooth
    Store bought yogurts usually are injected with flavorings. If you don’t mind getting the calories from the sugar, by all means, go for it. I for one don’t like the artificial flavoring, so I eat plain yogurt with fruits.
  • Probiotics & Cultures
    “Live and Active Cultures” is what you should look for on the label. Different probiotics will help you in different areas. So, if you’re aiming to gain a specific result by consuming yogurt, I suggest that you read the label religiously.
  • Vitamin D
    Calcium will be absorb by our body more efficiently with the help of Vitamin D. So look out for those rich in Vitamin D if you want strong, healthy bone.

Because there aren’t any brand of yogurt that can truly satisfy me 100%, I resorted to making my own. That was when I decided to buy the best yogurt maker I can find on the market.