Excellent Value for Money

People love this machine because unlike any other methods of making yogurt, it is predictable that one would get yummy yogurt every time. The price is reasonable for its make, usability and reliability. However, most owners reported that they paid less than the retail price because they’re able to get a deal on Amazon. Plus, the whole process of incubating the milk and started pack from scratch takes so little of the owner’s time.

The Salton YM9 Yogurt Maker 1-Quart as its name implies, makes up to 1-quart (which is equivalent to 1 liter) of yogurt per batch. Of course, if you want to make less than 1-quart of yogurt with this machine, it wouldn’t be a problem. Do take note that this is a single vat yogurt maker. So if you don’t mind having the frills (I like the frills) of having smaller, individual jars, this would be for you.