Decreased sexual activity in women

Every woman wants to stay young and attractive as long as possible. She likes to attract the admiring glances of her colleagues, to be feminine, but at the same time to radiate sexuality. And each of them perceives the decline of sexual desire, as a verdict, or her personal tragedy. Not every woman can muster the courage to voice the problem and seek help from a specialist. Most of them just keep silent, accumulating more and more internal problems, which then splash out in serious family discord or marital divorce.

Sex and modernity

Female sexual activity – is the norm, and therefore do not limit their lives to a couple of sex acts in order to conceive a child and the only sexual experiment in the form of oral caresses, given by her husband on the holiday. Sexuality is much more vibrant and you shouldn’t be fenced off from it. If you have problems with libido, then Viagra for women, for example, is able to increase not only sexual activity, but also self-esteem. Taking this drug, a woman becomes much more confident, feels her own attractiveness and sexuality. You can buy the drug at

Why does a woman stop being interested in sex?

It is undisputed that a woman’s decreased sex drive has a variety of reasons. But if we consider the problem closely, it turns out that frigidity can be imaginary or true – that is caused by certain physiological factors. Let’s try to understand in more detail these very factors that reduce female libido.

True frigidity can be caused by:

  • Gynecological or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Depletion of the central nervous system.
  • Physical overwork.

Psychological factors that prevent a woman from enjoying sex include:

  • Fear of unwanted pregnancy.
  • Psychological trauma related to attempted rape or too painful and unpleasant defloration.
  • Too strict an upbringing.
  • Frequent lack of orgasm.

Both can be to blame for the failure

As mentioned above, the reason for the decrease in sexual activity and the decrease in interest in a partner may lie in a man who is prone to premature ejaculation. The woman simply does not have time to get from the sexual act the level of pleasure that she expected and time after time begins to blame herself. In this case, the couple will be helped by a generic for men, which you can buy here 

As for the psychological reasons of stiffness and shyness of a woman, bordering on frigidity, only an experienced sexual partner, gracefully and patiently preparing his beloved woman for intimacy, can fully reveal the sexual potential of the woman, being for this act repeatedly rewarded.

There is always a way out

The same thing that can’t be eliminated with care and proper caresses can be fixed with generics. The first experiences of buying a cheaper generic drug did not scare away the buyer, so today we can observe a trend of filling the drug market with generics of various colors and price categories.