How to improve potency without harming your health

If the drug to increase potency at the same time will contribute to a sharp dilation of blood vessels after a sharp drop in blood pressure, and this is life-threatening and can lead to death. More precisely, taking such a dangerous mixture, the blood swells from the brain downwards, as there are huge vessels there. Subsequently, the man loses consciousness and may not even come to. Use potency drugs carefully. You should also choose the best quality drugs and buy them from reliable sellers. For example, you can use the website

Treatment of potency problems

On the site you can find the most important drugs for potency. What else do you need to keep in mind? Start applying known techniques for greater potency in bed. Squeeze certain muscles from the very morning when the genitals are activated early, or rather is in an elevated state. In other words, you commit to making the penis start bouncing by means of straining the inner muscles. Make this exercise a morning habit, and as long as there is an erection, increase the load every day. There is no need for a special movement yourself, the muscle will do everything for you.

This method will allow the tool to swell rapidly at the necessary moment. The position you are in is important. Be on top or upright, but not on your back. Those men who have problems with dignity, the position on the back will not bring the desired effect and the outflow from the penis comes out with maximum speed, thereby the man loses the elasticity of his penis tool. It is important to keep this in mind. By applying techniques to delay the finish, they will help you make the pleasure last longer. At the same time do not allow rapid breathing during intercourse, do not strain your body, and if possible, make contact with the female body as little as possible.

What foods should men use in their own diet for stable potential function?

What you should definitely eat for good potency in men: enrich yourself with seafood, fish, almost any fruits, vegetables and berries. Dairy products will also benefit you. Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, zucchini seeds, sunflower seeds. Various teas, boiled eggs.

The grouping of phosphodiesterase inhibitors in the ranking from weak to strong in terms of effectiveness are as follows: Viagra Sildenafil closes the row first, after Levitra Vardenafil, and after it, Cialis Tadalafil. Consequently, Viagra does not act as a top medication and is pushed out by other elements of its own grouping. The selection of these drugs for increasing potency is huge. Now you have a broad idea of what the newest generation of potency enhancing drugs for men is possible to take.

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