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Like my very own yogurt maker, this one also have the advantage of creating individual packs or flavors in one go. The only difference is that mine come with 6 jars, while my aunts comes with 8… and at a cheaper price as well. I guess it runs in the family. This need to have variety in our daily life.

According to my aunt, this fairly priced yogurt maker is a great investment. The Cuisipro Donvier Electronic Yogurt Maker has helped her save her money by allowing her to get yogurt that is more tastier and cheaper than the ones bought in store. Not only does it produce good tasting yogurt, it is also easy to maintain and clean; an important factor for busy people.

If you’re looking for an affordable electronic yogurt maker, look no further. The Cuisipro Donvier Electronic Yogurt Maker will ensure you get what you paid for… and more.